They / Oni (Repack by LEXYS) (2001) torrent download

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Genre: Bungie Software
Developer: RTS, 3D
Publisher: Buka Entertainment
Developer website:
Language: Multilingual
Platform: PC
System requirements:
√ Operating System: Windows XP / Seven
√ CPU: Pentium III 266 MHz
√ Memory: 64 MB
√ Video: Graphical 3D-accelerator (Open GL compliant), Voodoo 2+, TNT2 +, Intel i890
√ Sound Card: DirectX 7.0 compatible
√ Free hard drive space: 720 MB
✔ Video: With support for DirectX
✔ Sound Card: DirectX compatible
✔ Free space on hard disk: about 2 GB of

Description: The combination of martial arts of the East, the story and graphics in anime style, and fantastically beautiful scenery of the XXI century metropolis - this game will not leave anyone indifferent. This shock! A new era in the genre of action from the third party.
Year 2032. You - a secret agent of the security services on behalf of Conoco. - Your task is to destroy the criminal syndicate that threatens the well-being of the entire planet.But further developments blur the once-strong border between good and evil ... A grim, terrifying past gradually awakens memory ... Conoco and explode a thousand fatal blows, smashing right on target!

"" They "is based on the anime - classic Japanese comic books. The story and graphics of the game absorbed all the best in this genre - martial arts of the East in the action, story, where one follows another mystery, the fantastic scenery, dark secrets of the past;
"Magnificent views of the city of the future. Gloomy landscape "They" created with the assistance of professional architects;
"Conoco is not like boring type of impeccable moral character - yes, it is - a real meteor in the battle, and the morality it is not alien to, but ... there's another Conoco - its dark and mysterious double, which is sure to find himself, do you want like it or not ..
"Simple and brilliant combat system - a masterpiece of developers.A combination of two key hits and four movement keys can be carried hundreds of different simple and complex punching and kicking, throwing and jumping.You can knock the weapon out of the hands of the enemy, it is possible by making somersaults in the air, landing neatly in the heel jaw hefty thugs and knock out of him ... an unforgettable experience!
"Firearms from a simple pistol to a powerful rocket launcher. But a good stopping gun still need to find and recover. And the cartridges are not infinite. In addition, not every mission you'll be able to use firearms. Where secrecy is needed to shoot - not the best solution.
"Conoco abilities grow as the game progresses - Strikes are becoming more powerful, jumping - all of the above. At the end of the game with a good shot of her legs can not be compared even shot of the most powerful plasma gun.
"" Smart enemies "- coordinated attack run if injured, retreat, if they feel that their chances in combat low. Each of enemy attacks on their own individual style.
"The characters are drawn in the same detail as the levels of the game. The smallest of them - 800 landfills, and the main characters - 1200.
"Movement of the characters look exactly as the movement of the living.

Extras. Info:

Features Repack'a

Do not cut / no recoded
Includes fixes for correct operation of the game on modern systems
The ability to not download Russian localization
Installation time ~ 1 min
Release from LEXYS

They / Oni (Repack by LEXYS) (2001)

They / Oni (Repack by LEXYS) (2001)

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