Killing Floor 2: Deluxe Edition (Build 1013 | Early Access) (2015) PC | RePack by SpaceX Torrent

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Survival Horror
Developer / Publisher: Tripwire Interactive
Language: EN / FR / ID / DE / ES / PL / BR / CN + Multilingual
Language: English
Publication Type: RePack
Tablet: enclosing (ALI213 | Launcher.V10-Royalgamer06)

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® Vista / 7/8 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel® Core ™ i3 2.66 GHz
RAM: 2048 Mb
Sound Card: Sound card compatible with DirectX® 9.0
Graphics Accelerator 1024 Mb, OpenGL 3.0
Free space on HDD: 16 Gb

Killing Floor 2 - is a cooperative first-person shooter genre survival horror, developed by Tripwire Interactive 2011. It is a continuation of the game Killing Floor.In this part you are sent to continental Europe, filled with clones - the result of a failed experiment Horzine Biotech. Events unfold in a month after the action of the first game. In a world of chaos, the government collapsed, the connection does not work, destroyed by the army. People are struggling to survive.

The game did not run!
Check to see if physX 9.13.0725 (
Turn on compatibility mode to Windows 7 or Windows XP SP3
Start the game as administrator
Problems with the launcher?
Check to see if the MySQL Connector / NET 6.9.6 ( OR Connector-NET.shtml)
VERY IMPORTANT! If you start with a launcher, you need to install the game so that in a way there are no gaps!
C: / Program Files / Killing Floor 2 / - BAD

C: / Games / Killing Floor 2 / - BAD

C: / Games / KillingFloor2 / - WELL
ganj_syndicate wrote:

Gaydik "What to do to perks remained" # dlyablondinok

Go to the folder with the game there _Launcheroffline we need two files
ALI213.ini "Change in line (PlayerName) write your nickname.
steam_api64.dll "to check it weighed at least 600Kb
Copy both files to the replacement of BinariesWin64.

The game run through KFGame.exe in the same folder.

To check, go to the game and the list of characters you must be DJ from the first part, and the server browser must be empty.

How do I connect? Very simply, after (this is important !!) Run the game, go into the launcher, run online, there is a chat in which often spread server addresses (or hostuem yourself), find the address go in the game, open the console (g or tilde) and write command Open (server address) without parentheses, if the server that you are un

Gunko wrote:

Cache downloaded from the servers is stored by default on the C: drive in the folder "My Documents"
In the future, not at all classic servers will connect mutators, cards, downloadable content that will hold gigabytes of disk space. To solve the problem folder "My Documents" should be moved to any available drive, such as the one where you installed the game.
How to do it correctly and without prejudice to the system in Google or Yandex

jicix79 wrote:

Someone wrote:
G_Eisenhorn wrote:
I still do not quite get how to connect to the game.

SERVER LIST - 90% idle servers in the list of host server license that Killing Floor 2 you are not to Connect with pirates.
Watch the chat. Usually there is only spread IP to connect pirate KF2.
To you yourself need hostovat open port 7777 (to help you program PortChecker). That people can connect to you would be otherwise "connection error".

When the port is open, go to the section HOST - Select:
- Server name (SERVER NAME),
- Difficulty (DIFFICULTY)
- Map (MAP)
- Number of waves (LENGTH)> (WAVES)
- Number of players (MAX PLAYERS)
- Admin password (ADMIN PASSWORD)
- Press ADMIN on a check on the Web (WEB ADMINE) - there the additional settings. (Poizuchat). The basic need to know there Map Cycles and Change map for custom maps (custom map).
- Press the host server (HOST SERVER) (Must console will wait when there will be a line - Log: Steam game server UID: 4563865646 (differently each) - If there was this line of server up and running.

To access your server go to section CLIENT dial IP port 7777.
(MAX BODIES) - Number of displaying the corpses in the game as an example of from 1 to 3 point.
Language English or Russian. It happens in different ways when connecting to the Russian IP.
Hit Start GAME (if not connected it is possible to understand the duration of the game loading screen KF2 and hooter sounds only once (if it was not specified the correct language).
PatchNotes: Update v1.013
Someone wrote:

The updated discussed in last weeks WWAUT is now live. This is a required update for clients and servers. The changelog is as follows:

- Adjusted music to pre-summer patch balance levels
- Adjusted Trader audio muffling other sound effects
- Adjusted Mr. Foster voice to be slightly louder
- Updated Trader stat information on some weapons
- Hans XP values ​​updated. Significantly more XP for all difficulties
- If a server has gone unranked it will be properly updated in the server browser

Bug Fixes
- Fixed some issues with Strasser's voice overs
- Fixed an issue with 3d translations with the HUD manager for Hans' intro scene at certain resolutions
- Fixed an issue with 3rd person flame effects persisting after the pawn was destroyed
- Fixed an issue where you could occasionally open the gear menu during the game
- Fixed an issue where Hans had trouble pathing to players in Evacuation Point
- Fixed an issue where the pop up for kick voting would persist after selecting a choice
- Fixed an issue where Nuke was not doing damage on dedicated servers
- Fixed an issue where you could have multiple dualies and the 9MM at the same time
- Fixed an issue where Hans would run out of ammo (was previously part of an opt in patch)
- Fixed an issue where players that never readied up in a game in progress could earn achievements
- Fixed an issue where the Husk's flame did not collide with other zeds
- Fixed an issue where the Vote Kicking UI would make other buttons unable to be clicked
- Fix for client-side filter for full servers
- Kick voting will now end if "No" votes have won instead of waiting for all votes

- Unranked servers that use Actor Factory kismet action

- Optimized NVIDIA Flex
- Optimized code for CanDoStrike & CanMeleeAttack
- Optimized shadowing effects (ShadowPrimitiveBoundsSizeCheck)
- Optimized some post processing effects

- Fixed several of the top crashes (General)
- Fixed several crashes related to Flex
PatchNotes: Launcher.V10-Royalgamer06

The launcher is intended for the game V1008 or higher.
In case you can not run the launcher, you're missing "MySql.Data.dll".
Download it and place it next to KF2Launcher.exe.

- New font (Tahoma)
- New editor launch option
- New warning before adding server to serverlist
- New message for donators
- New option to use web admin in default web browser
- New option to install the redistributables (in troubleshooter)
- Fixed multiple server hosting
- Server Monitor motitoring improvements
- GUI improvements
- Code optimastions and improvements
Game Features
Gameplay - take a weapon, kill enemies, for the money to acquire new weapons
This part has increased the maximum level of perks - from 6 th to 20 th
There are co-op for 6 people, new enemies and new weapons

Features RePack
Install and play!
It is based on license Steam (ID: 232090)
EN / RU Installer
Language selection through launcher
Run the game from the desktop
Audio quality 100%
Video quality is 100%

There Killing.Floor.2.SDK.Package-Royalgamer06
There Killing Floor 2 Digital Extras

Sewn Launcher.V10-Royalgamer06
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Killing Floor 2: Deluxe Edition (Build 1013 | Early Access) (2015) PC | RePack by SpaceX

Killing Floor 2: Deluxe Edition (Build 1013 | Early Access) (2015) PC | RePack by SpaceX

Killing Floor 2: Deluxe Edition (Build 1013 | Early Access) (2015) PC | RePack by SpaceX

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