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Earth and make it surface in the poisoned wasteland. A handful of survivors took refuge in the depths of the Moscow underground, and human civilization entered a new Dark Age.Now the yard 2033rd year.An entire generation of people born and raised under the ground, watching as their besieged city subway fight for survival with each other and with the nightmarish mutants that are waiting outside.The atmospheric first-person shooter, created based on the bestselling Dmitry Glukhov.Game "Metro 2033", which the unfolding events in the devastated post-apocalyptic Moscow subway - is a dismal story of survival of the hardest, where the fate of humanity is in your hands.You - Artem, ordinary Muscovite, born before the world apocalypse, but grew up under the ground.Never before had he not leave the limits of their, already has become home to him the subway station, but fate decided differently.Now he has to fulfill the mission of his life: to get to the center of Moscow Metro and the remnants of human society of the impending danger, or die in transit and to condemn the survivors to certain death.

Metro 2033 - is a breathtaking atmospheric first-person shooter, wrapped in a shell-art graphics. Feel devastated post-nuclear Moscow!
Witness the daily horror that is experiencing a society, living underground in constant fear.
Please be brave and become researchers network of underground tunnels, which spread throughout the city. There in the darkness you are the prey of mutants, but not vice versa. Become a hunter or a victim.
Explore the radiation-ravaged city. From the infected world and mutated creatures, awaiting you outside, save only a mask and a faithful rifle.
Give your psyche in order and prepare to meet with all the horrors of post-nuclear world of the universe "Metro 2033".

Features repack:
Do not cut / no recoded to a lower bitrate
Sewn Update1, and Update 2 (DLC Ranger Pack)
Installing additional. BY.
Author Spieler

Update 2: Ranger Pack DLC:
The official upgrade game Metro 2033. This update brings a number of fixes and improvements, as well as rights issues with the new achievements of service Steam.The upgrade includes the promised Ranger Pack DLC (In standard Ranger Mode amount of ammunition will be reduced, and the damage from all weapons - increased.Enemies will become more dangerous in this mode, however, as you yourself. For fans of hardcore mode is added Ranger Hardcore, where the screen will be removed completely graphical interface.), Which adds a new hardcore mode in the game Metro 2033, new achievements and weapons: Heavy Automatic Shotgun, and the Volt Driver.

Operating system:
Processor: Dual-core CPU (any Core 2 Duo)
Memory: 1 GB
Video Card: DirectX 9 - compatible video card (GeForce 8800, GeForce GT220 and above)
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Free hard drive space: 7 GB (9 GB during installation)

1) Mount image (DVD1 and DVD2) in Daemon Tools or Alcohol
2) Set
3) Play !!!

Year: 2010
Developer: 4A Games
Publisher: THQ / Akella
Genre: Action (Shooter), 3D, 1st Person
Language: RU
Sound language: RU
Tablet: enclosing
Game Version: 1.2

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