Prey 2 (2012) torrent download

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Year: 2012
Developer: Human Head Studios
Platform: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Description: In the title role - a brave Indian and just a good guy Tommy safely saved the Earth in the original Prey.Good deeds are forgotten quickly, so Tommy realized that here he does not need anyone else, it leaves the planet, on which in the meantime has begun to thicken the clouds once alien expansion.This means that our Redskins again have to save all, fighting with friends for the first part of the portals and the laws of gravity. It promises a couple of innovative features.

As we know, Prey 2 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) lost portals, gravity tracks, and multiplayer - the central elements of the first part.Studio Human Head reasoned that the planet Exodus available for nonlinear studies parkurnye freaks and cover system where as the best fit into the picture of the modern game development,radically changed in the five years that have passed since the release of the original Prey. In the sequel, we are waiting for just the single player campaign, the passage of which, according to estimations of developers must take 15 hours.

"We expect that the average player will take at least 15 hours for the passing game.At the same time in Prey 2 is the set of "adverse" employment inherent in projects with open world, so it is very difficult to say how long it will have to spend on it to fully exploreExodus. I think that anyone can go through the game and in less time, if it is carried forward at breakneck speed.On the other hand, I can also gallop story campaign many of the "sand" of games in just a few hours. So this is not an indicator, "- he said in a recent interview with the chief ideologue of Prey 2 Chris Reynhart.

All his attention focused on the Human Head alone, which in theory can be elongated by the plot DLC, spraying power and nothing to spend time multiplayer developers are not going to.No, they love the multiplayer battles, but unlike other studios are well aware that forcibly push the game online part is meaningless if it is not able to match or exceedpopular Call of Duty. Gold words. Blank servers BioShock 2 is the same - a clear demonstration of the fact that some games are better off without a multiplayer component.

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