X-Men: The Beginning. Wolverine (2011) torrent download

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Year in Russia: 2011
Genre: Action
Developer: Raven Software / Amaze Entertainment
Publisher: Activision
Platform: PC
Publication Type: Repack
Language: Russian
The voice language: Russian
The Ever Increasing Price: Sewn

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7;
Processor: Intel® Pentium® IV with 3.0 GHz / Intel® Core ™ 2 E6300 / AMD Athlon ™ 64 3000+;
RAM: 1 GB;
Free space on hard disk: 8 GB
Video: Video card with 256 MB;
File system: NTFS

- A continual struggle. The image of the famous superhero player will have to cope alone with the whole detachments of enemies, fight a ten-altitude and do a lot of truly puzzling tricks that are not mere mortals.
- Unique techniques. Glutton perfectly mastered the skill melee using adamantovyh claws. He cuts, stabs and cuts the enemy, leaving them no chance.In addition, the hero jumps beautifully - a lightning shot is used to attack opponents who are cautious and are not approaching at a distance strike.
- Invincible warrior. Wounds and fractures in Wolverine heal before our eyes. Superhuman resistance to damage his body, and fantastic speed of regeneration allows the hero to operate and extremely risky.
- Unrestrained rage. When Wolverine falls in battle rage, new techniques and combinations of strokes, making it the perfect killing machine.
- Savage flair. Find the enemy's weak spot, to obtain a tactical advantage, and solve any puzzle Wolverine helps present animal instinct.

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