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In Left 4 Dead 2 very little new products - as before, the game tells the story of a team of four survivors who try to escape from the hordes of zombies.But consider the first part of the concept Valve are managed to bring almost to the ideal of many small and nice ideas.It has become a lot more situations requiring the most harmonious game of all survivors. Increased complexity - now stupid enough to disassemble a zombie meat, you also need to think about. Significantly expanded the arsenal - a special attention is paid to sniper rifles and machetes.

Year: 2010-2011
Genre: Action (Shooter), 3D, 1st Person
Publisher Land - Game
Type of distribution: Patch
Software Version: -
The required version of the game: Any
Language: Russian
Required language game: Russian + English
Tablet: Rev-Emu

Install and run
1. Start the selected version of the patch
2. The patch is possible to find a way to automatically set the game Left 4 Dead 2
3. Select the desired nickname
4. Wait until the installation
5. Specify the parameters label prefix -steam (VAC To fix the error occurred when connecting to the server)
6. Enjoy Player

In paragraph 5 the reason is that the patch uses the original game exe file with the original name.

PSA small digression, please note that if you run the patch in the folder with an existing patch then be prepared for the fact that if you do not have an intermediate version, it installs it automatically deleting oldinstaller files, just a patch, if necessary, he will download the necessary version of missing out again if need be

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