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I Am Alive (2012)

The focus of the city of Chicago, which had suffered the most permissive earthquake in history - 10.3 points on the Richter scale.For those who do not know - like a natural cataclysm capable cleaned wipe out quite a large city, and bury under the rubble of a large part of the local community.

Our hero - a simple office worker named Adam, who was buried under the rubble of the building when he returned home after the working day.By the time he got out of the rubble tremors subsided, the groans of the dying was significantly less, and the city became an island surrounded by water of Lake Michigan from all sides.After the initial shock passes, Adam begins to understand that you must do something.First, he needs to find his girlfriend, whose location at the moment is a complete mystery to him. And secondly, we must find a way out from this horrible place.Terrible it is, by the way, was for several reasons.In addition to the earthquake, which destroyed all the infrastructure and cut off the city from the surrounding areas, pour oil on the fire and its inhabitants themselves, that of law-abiding citizens turned intolooters and raiders. To the task seemed so daunting, the main character will acquire several companions.The team with Adam are: female doctor, a former firefighter, confined to a wheelchair and a black infantryman.Together they will create a lot of cases: to find even more like-minded people to gather camp survivors and to attract the attention of rescuers who occasionally (but relatively rare) appear on the helicopter and taken small groups of people.

According to the developers, they will change the norms and values ​​that we usually find in a videogame. It is a bold statement, but we doubt that I Am Alive will be in March, likely, the developers check the reaction of the public to their new project.

Developer: Ubisoft Shanghai
Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment
Release Date: Q2 2011
Platform: PC, PS 3, X360

I Am Alive (2012)

I Am Alive (2012)

I Am Alive (2012)

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