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Warriors: Legends of Troy - this is an action that affects the story of 10-year Trojan War. Developers use as primary sources "Iliad" and the ancient mythology.The game will be attended by Achilles, Odysseus, various Greek gods and other characters. Players are offered two single-player campaign - one for the Greeks, and the other for the Trojans.So you can look at the famous war at two different angles.We expect massive battles, players will be able to use the most variety of weapons, as well as to engage the enemy in close combat, perform grabs, throws, use a shield, as well as various attacks and defensive maneuvers. Will appreciate the presence of online co-op, and multiplayer for four.

Year: 2011
Genre: Action / 3D / 3rd Person
Developer: KOEI Canada
Publisher: KOEI Corporation
Region: PAL
Publication Type: pirates
Firmware: iXtreme 11th wave - 1.61
Language: Russian
Transfer type: text

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