Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (2010) torrent download

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A new milestone in the history of vampire hunters c darkspawn and a new stage in the history of the celebrated series Castlevania.When the end times, the Earth was at the mercy of the forces of darkness and the mysterious Lords of Shadow.In countries ravaged souls of the dead wandered, unable to find peace, and mysterious creatures have sown death and destruction among the survivors.The player will be Gabriel - one of the knights of the Brotherhood of Light, an organization of holy warriors to protect humanity from the forces of evil. His wife fell victim to the creatures of darkness, but her soul is laid to rest.Realizing that the danger looming over the world, she took the only right decision - to send Gabriel on the path to salvation of mankind.

Genre: Action
Developer: MercurySteam Entertainment / Kojima Productions
Year: 2010
Platform: PS3
Language: Multilingual

System requirements:
Games Platform: PlayStation 3 + 3.55 Kmeaw
Required space on HDD: 11.72 GB

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