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Become Thor - God of Thunder - a new action adventure Thor: God of Thunder and save the worlds from the northern legions of enemies, giants, descended from the pages of the famous comics.Destroy enemies Mjolnir, Thor's legendary hammer, - from a distance or in melee. Commanded by the storm, use powerful combos and techniques of unarmed combat.You will face glorified in myths of creation and the gods - evidence, Ymir, Surt and many others. A battle will unfold in the realm of magic and the higher powers - from the pristine worlds of fire and ice to the planet inhabited by ice giants, Chupacabra and other really huge monsters.

Year: 2011
Genre: Action Type from a third party
Developer: Liquid Entertainment
Publisher: people who published Venkvish, SEGA
Region: Region Free
Publication Type: Korsarka
Firmware: iXtreme 11th Wave
Language: Multilingual
Transfer type: text

- Magic Hammer. Feel the power of the Norse superhero: straightened with numerous enemies using combo attacks and hammer blows, using the natural forces of wind, thunder and lightning.
- In the fight against the giants. Feel what it's like to fight the 20-ton ice giants and the Chupacabra. Pick a strategy for each of the enemies, using clamps, jumps and magic attacks.
- Sustainable development. Acquire new abilities and skills, improve your weapons for Valor Points, that Thor will be rewarded for the feat.
- The legacy of the immortals. Be the son of Odin - the divine ruler of Asgard - with the help of Scandinavian myths sung in the hammer Mjolnir to command the forces of nature.
- To know the unknown. Uncover the mysteries of the universe of Thor - the original story was written specifically for the video games.

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