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Year 2025. The world has gone through a severe crisis caused by the shortage of fuel and food.Local conflicts finally brought down the economy of the leading countries and brought mankind to the brink of nuclear catastrophe.However, the wave of popular uprisings forced the politicians to stop divisive and extinguish the flames of the many open conflicts. National army have been out of work.But the economic and political interests in different states were, and resolve them peacefully authorities did not want to.So there was a demand for private military corporations that act on the side of anyone who would pay, without advertising at the same time its customer.And demand is known, causes supply of military affairs ... The transition to the private sector did not bring peace to mankind.Officially, the world is not conducted any war, but in fact just three major companies opposed to each other, protecting the interests of customers. Join any of them and get involved in epic battles with other players!

Genre: Action, Shooter
Developer: Zipper Interactive
Year: 2010
Platform: PS3
Language: Multilingual, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish

System requirements:
Games Platform: PlayStation 3 + Jailbreak
Required space on HDD: 13.94 GB

- The three leaders of the military market. Raven, S.E.V.E.R. and Valor - corporations, occupying a dominant position on the market for military services. These consulted by the whole country, and you destined place in the ranks of one of these three powerful entities.
- Grandiose battles. You are expected not minor skirmishes, and large-scale armed clashes involving 64, 128 and even 256 soldiers from each side.
- Army orders. Each company has created a rigid hierarchical structure, aimed at coordinating the soldiers and providing them with comprehensive support.You are just an ordinary career start, but in the future will be able to make a choice: to develop their combat skills and remain at the forefront and lead the way in the command structure, leading the section, platoon, or even the whole army!
- Network of the war. The grand battles MAG simultaneously involving many players. You have to compete and cooperate with human beings!

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