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Spec Ops: The Line by genre - spirited third-person shooter with a cover system, the distribution of orders comrades on the force, and rushes from one box to another.The narrative given to Captain Martin Walker of the American army, which sent the once magnificent city of Dubai.He ceased to be a luxury of the powerful sandstorm that made it easy uninhabitable. Which is why all the inhabitants of the city quickly evacuated. Henceforth, Dubai has become home to looters and bandits.

Plus, somewhere in the vicinity is the disgraced Colonel John Conrad, the founder of a special squad "Delta".During the evacuation of people for some reason he did not obey the orders of the command and instead go back to America, I stayed in Dubai. Since then, it has not come from any radio messages ...And then suddenly from the squad Conrad enters a weak signal. Army officials immediately sent a detachment of fighters with the aim to find out what happened to this model as the commander of Conrad.

One of the most interesting and intriguing features of Spec Ops: The Line - is sand, which covers the ruined buildings of Dubai.The weather in the town is changing very often, so we have to constantly adapt to the vagaries of weather.For example, a sandstorm can be used as a cover for an attack, or vice versa - an ambush when sweeping very strongly. In multiplayer, the storm and the deformation of sand cover will also play a very important role.

Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: Yager Development
Genre: Action, Shooter, 3rd Person, 3D

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