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In the near future, world leaders will come together for the signing of a general peace, which put an end to the war, however terrible terrorist attack destroys all the participants of this conference.In a world devoid of politicians, diplomats and civil society activists, will only generals. That you have to take responsibility, inserted into the head of the armed forces and do everything to put an end to global terrorism once and for all.

- Large-scale war - Lead one of three unique factions fight for resources, build bases and lead into battle huge armies of tanks, soldiers and air technology.
- Excellent Realism - Frostbite 2 technology allows to realize the grand confrontation with an unprecedented level of visualization.Elaborated military units and landscapes, dynamic physics and stunning effects - the fighting has never been so similar to the truth. You will be able to lead a real war without worrying about the consequences.
- New ways of domination and unification with friends - in addition to the classics of the genre, you will find a number of new multiplayer modes, designed with an eye on the joint and in the competitive game.
- An exciting campaign - make war against terror in an exciting single player campaign. Experience the dramatic story from different points of view - from the heroic General to insane terrorist realize their boldest tactical moves.
- Endless evolution of impressions - Diversify the game with a wide range of downloadable content. From maps and units to combat factions, campaigns and more. Join the fight against terrorism on all fronts.

Archival first part of the game, the premiere of the second part will take place only in 2013!

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