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Contrary to rumors the new game is not a remake of Silent Hill 2.This is a separate project that tells the story of a prison inmate Murphy Pendleton, survivor of terrible accident and wandered in the misty swamps city "Silent Hill." To go to him, to be honest, there was nowhere - at his heels is the police.

The camera is again located directly behind and shows a third person.From the developer promises to be - a new game "will remain true to the traditions of the Silent Hill series, with its canonical monsters" will not yield to the modern horror movies, and add to the world SH"Evolved combat system," which offers beat creatures from a parallel world turned up any predmetom.Raduet is that the game will be branded flashlight, puzzles and heady studies Provincial ghost town.

Genres: Action (Survival horror), 3D, 3rd Person
Released on the PC: March 2012
Developer: Vatra Games
Publisher: Konami
Localization in Russia: 1C-SoftKlab

Silent Hill: Downpour (2012)

XBOX 360:
Firmware: 13th wave. (LT-1.9 /2.0 /3.0)
Region: Region Free
Dashboard: 13599
Publication Type: pirates
Language: Multilingual
Type of translation: the text

Location: USA
Code disc: BLUS30565
Publication Type: License
Firmware: 4.01 fw
Language: English
Type of translation: No

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