Prime World (2012) torrent download

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A colorful multiplayer game with a unique description of the character and individual characteristics that make you play it for hours.Join the war between technology and magic in an online action-strategy Prime World game from the creators of Heroes of Might & Magic V, «Blitzkrieg" and "Vigil".Choose from dozens of heroes and friends lead a fight to get the victory, the glory and precious prime!Prime World Action Strategy brings the genre to a new level - to develop their fighters not only on the battlefield, but also in his own castle, choosing and creating a deadly combination of skills thatThey will then be used in battle. An incredible amount of talent allows everyone to gather a unique character to your playing style.Play exclusive new modes Prime World on your tablet or mobile phone, while developing your castle and characters to be the best Lord of the world among friends and Prime's attack the enemies with all his might!

Released: 2012
Genre: Action / Strategy / 3D / MMORPG
Developer: Nival
Language: Multilingual
Language: Multilingual
Medicine: not required

- Universe Prime World At the heart of the game - a confrontation between two nations:Doctor Empire and the Kingdom of Adorno, who have come together in a continuous struggle for control of the Prime - the most important resource, the possession of reserves which could change the balance of power.Prime - a source of energy, a dangerous foreign substances, to change the world and gives power over it - everybody needs. He who controls the prime, controls the world.
- Fights on the battlefield in Prime World endless raging battle between the Doctor and adorniytsami. Victory in the war of a nation depends on each player.Managing heroes, they support the troops, capture new territories and seek to destroy the enemy base.Considering that at the head of the army of the enemy and are heroes of the opposing faction, defeat is not so simple. Only concerted action team, cunning, courage and resourcefulness to help you gain the upper hand in the battle.
- Castle and construction player Prime World - the owner of his own castle, which is the main base of operations and home to heroes.In the castle you can build different types of buildings - from the mining companies to decorative buildings - to create new talents and select one sets for characters in preparation for the coming battle.Construction and infrastructure of the city - an important element of Prime World, which gives the player the advantage in battle session.