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Zombie master vaguely reminiscent of the gameplay of Left 4 Dead and Zombie Panic! Source. The game combines two genres: FPS (surviving) and RTS (Zombie). Players who play for surviving, must perform tasks to win the round. A player strategist must kill all humans using the zombie.

Playing for surviving:
The appearance of the characters taken from Half-life 2, but slightly modified. The player controls one of the survivors.Employment player is to perform a task cards - they showed early rounds. The player can hold only one sample of each type of weapons, in addition to melee weapons and guns. Players who die remain dead until the end of the round.

Game of Zombies:
The player controls all the zombies at once. The interface is very similar to the interface of strategy. Clicking the mouse button allows you to choose the zombies and give them orders. Use the Shift, to switch to free movement where a player can use more easily navigable.

Released: 2009
Genre: Action
Developer: Zombie Master Team
Publisher: Valve
Language: English

To install:
To install the game you must have an account in the service Steam and any game on the engine, Source.
In order to your library there was a game you need to temporarily disable Steam.
Open the folder Zombie Master Beta and run zm_beta_121_full.exe.
After the launch, click Next>, then select the installation path in the game folder SourceMods, for example:
C: Program FilesSteamSteamAppsSourcemods
After installation, you can turn on Steam and play!

System requirements:
Processor 1.7 GHz;
512 MB RAM;
Video card with support for DirectX 8.1 (required to support SSE);
Windows 7 (32/64-bit) / Vista / XP;
Mouse, keyboard, Internet connection.

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