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In Star Trek Online Star Trek universe will be available for the first time a truly mass audience.This free massive multiplayer online game from Cryptic Studios will allow players to control their own destiny as Captain of the ship Federation, and if it's not to your taste, beone of the leaders of the Klingon Empire, and in expanding the borders of the galaxy.Players will be able to visit friends on the series a place to reach unexplored systems and to establish contact with new types of intelligent beings.Due to the episodic missions, every moment spent in Star Trek Online, will be similar to the performance of the title role in the TV series. Immerse yourself in the future of the universe Star Trek - 25th century, the time of shaky alliances and new adventures!

Released: 2010
Genre: Sci-Fi MMORPG (F2P)
Developer: Cryptic Studios
Publisher: Perfect World
Language: English
Medicine: Not required (F2P)

Adventures on the final frontier
Discover unknown new worlds, new life forms and new civilizations, to which there is no number in a constantly expanding universe!
To establish contact with new races, new find useful resources and tear the veil of darkness with the secrets that invariably affect the development of the history of Star Trek!In 2409, the history of Star Trek Online is beyond the scope of all previous films, so any work you will be opening something really new, but at the same time, will not violate the universe that you love so much.
You Captain
Star Trek Online MMO-game first-class AAA, which since the release includes space and ground battles.
Quests will guide you and your friends on the depths of space, will be introduced to the surfaces of exotic planets and even be delivered directly into the compartments starships!You and only you - the captain of his own ship, and only in your power to order the crew to conquer new territory. You decide where to go, it does not matter where!
While in space, you can get into the thick of the battle where it is necessary to maneuver in three dimensions and to concentrate the power of guns on the ships of the enemy, and if you want any other - is always an opportunity to go into the warp and into the corners of the galaxy is still unregistered.
On the ground lead your team through the hills of the worlds, helping friends and battling enemies.Each captain has five subordinate servicemen, each of which will execute those orders that you give them, and the only way you wish. You will be able to save their lives, breaking through the jungle dangers?
Uncontrolled liberty
Special technology Cryptic's Total Customization allows you to change the look of any ship under your command, the paint and design.
Your ship will definitely keep the "style" of the universe Star Trek, but it can not be taken away reflection of your views on the design of ships.Moreover, anyone can own to develop a completely new type of intelligent beings and tell the unique story of their appearance in the galaxy. Leave your mark on the Star Trek universe!
Made veterans think about you
Game Star Trek Online team developed Cryptic Studios - creators had incredible success of City of Heroes and City of Villains.The new project uses the engine Cryptic Engine - technology that allows our designers to pay attention not to the flash of the shots, and bolts on the hull of ships, and the creation of somethe quintessence of all that phrase can mean Star Trek, as well as the fact that the future is equally comfortable playing feel old fans of the universe, as well as beginners.

We are waiting for you in Star Trek Online, and boldly go tread where no man has gone before!

* 1. Register on the official website of the game -
2. Run setup.exe and install the game.
3. Patched (about 1 gig would have to download the patch).
4. Play.

Russian-language resources on the game: - Russian site for Star Trek Online. - Site of the first Russian fleet STO. Many articles on the mechanics of the game. - Site of the Russian-speaking role (RP) Fleet Star Trek Online. There is a lot of information on role-based wagering, game mechanics, and others. Site updated.

Methods of registration:
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