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Firefall - Multi command-line computer game in the genre of shooter / third-person.Developed by Red 5 Studios, founded in 2005 by Mark Kern, who headed the team of World of Warcraft.Firefall is now at the stage of closed beta by invitation, the release is likely in 2012. The game will be distributed on the model of Free-to-play with the online store.

Released: 2012
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person / Online-only
Developer: Red 5 Studios
Publisher: Red 5 Studios
Language: English
Medicine: Not required

- Firefall offers both cooperative group in the large outdoor dynamic world with hundreds of players, and competitive multiplayer Ledder, tournaments, clans and leagues.
- Players are available pumping and extraction equipment to enhance its capabilities.
- The class is determined by the player wearing the battlfreyma (battleframe, mechanized battle suit).The player's character is not limited to a single class, as can be smenёn battlfreyma at special terminals.Currently announced battlfreymov 5: Assault (Assault), Medic (Medic), Scout (Recon), Engineer (Engineer), Dreadnought (Dreadnaught).Features of each battlfreyma and weapons can be modified and expanded by installing various modules.Bleeding is battlfreymov independently, so the player can have multiple battlfreymov (and for each battlfreyma - several schemes to install modules) that allows you to select them according to the situation.

Getting battlfreyma, weapons and modules to them will be possible in the following ways:
1. By killing monsters and NPC in the open world (PvE)
2. By killing other players in PvP-matches
3. When buying from an NPC
4. As a result of crafting

Players can join the armies (the local equivalent of guilds) that can provide the players some of the benefits and opportunities.For example, Thumper (tamper), the mining system delivered to orbit, allows members to earn Christi Army anywhere in the world (although some areas significantly more profitable than the other).When the tamper needs to be protected, as produces a lot of noise and attracts many hostile creatures. The game world is dynamic, it is constantly generated in the job for the players.So in the gameplay video shows two such missions: production of proven reserves crystite Tampere and protection of the city from attack by the Chosen.

Extras. Info:
Dating Game / link to the registration:

System requirements:
Operating System XP / Vista / Windows 7
The AMD Athlon 64 X2 Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
RAM 1 GB of RAM (2 GB Vista® / Windows 7)
Video ATI Radeon X1800 NVIDIA GeForce 7800
Free disk space 8 GB

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